Write Your Own Master Cleanse Reviews

Many positive Master Cleanse reviews have been shared throughout the years.

The Master Cleanse ResultsEven to this day, this simple yet powerful program is still being used sucessfully to detox the body and shed pounds quickly.

Originally developed by Stanley Burroughs over 50 years ago it is also referred to as the lemonade cleanse diet.

The primary purpose of the fasting program is to detoxify the body, although many enjoy the fast weight loss bonus.

Some of the most famous master cleanse results were reported by superstars Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce, who claims to have shed 20 pounds while preparing for her role in the movie “Dreamgirls” using this method.

But there’s no reason why anyone applying the proper principles cannot write their own successful review like the ones shared by thousands of others.

I have friends that have replaced their nasty habit of snacking on those unhealthy vending food choices at work and are now sipping away on lemonade, looking better every day!

Keep reading to learn how…

The Basics

The Lemonade Cleanse DietAt first glance, this fast is really simple. You just consume nothing but six to twelve glasses a day of water flavored with two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of maple syrup, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Each serving contains only 100 calories, and you can drink it hot or cold.

You are to follow these guidelines for 10 days, but many people do less on their first attempt.

It is one of the most difficult programs to finish, so don’t feel too bad if you fail in your first try. Some don’t even make it through one day!

That’s because a lot of people will read the above information, run to their local grocery store for the necessary supplies, and jump right in.

But there are some steps you can take before beginning that will make your 10-day transformation more pleasant and increase your chances of success:)

Also, there are some things you can do during the program that will decrease or remove side-effects all together. This is very important as well.

Don’t be alarmed, however, because I want to recommend 2 tools that will greatly improve your personal experience with the Master Cleanse diet.

The Right Tools For The Job

Tool #1: Master Cleanse 10-Day Organic Kit with Free MC book

This awesome kit provides everything you will need to do the diet-fast except the lemons and fresh spring water. These can easily be found locally I’m sure.

It also includes a free copy of the book “Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days” by Peter Glickman.

This remarkable book has been on Amazon’s best-seller list in the Alternative Medicine category for more than 4 years and has been translated into 7 different languages!

Included in the package are:

-All ingredients needed for the minimum 10 days of the Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet (except lemons)

-Now with a free copy of the 160 page Master Cleanse Book: Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days by Peter Glickman, published in seven languages!

-Includes hard to find organic Grade B maple syrup

-Everything for one person – conveniently packaged

at a really affordable price!

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There are some Master Cleanse reviews on that page that will inspire you as well:)

MC3Tool #2: The revealing step-by-step guide called  “Master Cleanse Secrets” will make it possible for you to not only complete the 10-day program but keep the weight off once you’ve lost it!

In fact, people who have never come close to finishing breeze right through the entire 10 days after reading this book!

It teaches what the others don’t in an easy-to-understand style and is written by a woman who previously struggled with her own attempts at this diet.

The guide is downloadable so you can get instant access and this additionally makes it very affordable. Not only that, but there are a bunch of cool bonuses thrown in as well!

Grab Your Copy Of “Master Cleanse Secrets” Right Here!

Take Action

Almost everyone’s bodies are mistreated and neglected and therefore cannot run at peak efficiency.

For the first time in human history life expectancy is decreasing, and this is due in large part to the “Western” diet that most of us consume.

It is causing us to become sick and polluted similar to a machine that is not maintained properly.

Isn’t it time you flushed out your body and shared your own Master Cleanse results with the world?

Well now I hope you see that there’s nothing stopping you from doing just that:)

Pt2:Finishing The Master Cleanse Diet

Do You Want To Finish The Master Cleanse Diet?

The Master Cleanse DietOkay, so you’ve read my previous post  on the Master Cleanse diet and learned about some of the celebrities who have successfully used this program.

Maybe you’re excited about how fast and effective this diet REALLY is!

But slow down just a bit. Read this entire post to be aware of some of the challenges you will face if you give it a try. Or…

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Finishing the Master Cleanse Diet is not as easy as it sounds. Most people only last a couple of days before they give up.

Why is this? Well, even though this powerful and effective diet system only lasts 10 days, there are many side-effects which occur that cause some to quit before completion.

Hunger is the #1 reason most people fail on the Master Cleanse. Typically, this diet requires one to only drink fluids for the entire duration(10 days), and this can be difficult for some.

Be aware, though, that the worst of the hunger pains usually only last for a couple of days. You may also experience some other bodily aches and irritability, as well.

So before you “jump right in” to the Master Cleansing diet, let me share 3 tips that may give you a better chance for success!

Tip #1

Master CleanseDon’t think too much in the beginning about completing the entire 10 days. Instead, set a goal to make it past 3 days.

This is the most crucial and difficult period for most people, so it is important to direct your energy toward making it beyond this point.

When you break the Master Cleanse down into smaller, surmountable levels, it will give you confidence as you pass each one.

This just may be the push you need to make it all the way to the finish line!

Tip #2

diet tipsDrink plenty of water while on this diet.

This will help you deal with the most common side-effect, which are headaches. Other body-aches may also occur.

During this 10-day diet you should also try to relax as much as possible. Give your body a chance to deal with the rigorous cleansing it is going through.

You should also try not to do much high intensity working out during this time. You won’t be able to recover properly and, as a result, will be VERY sore.

My advice is to stretch as often as possible, and maybe do some light walking. You can “hit it hard” again later:)

Tip #3

The Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet

Pick a time to do the Master Cleanse that is not too stressful or over-burdened by work responsibilities. That way you will have less distractions.

Also, let the people around you know that you will be on this program for a period of 10 days, and that you may become irritable at times.

This will better prepare them for such behavior and most will be supportive of your efforts at losing weight and improving your health.

There’s more to succeeding at the Master Cleanse diet then I can cover in this small article.

If you are serious about trying the Master Cleanse and want to be one of the people who do make it through the whole 10 days the Master Cleanse Secrets book  is the most complete guide available for helping you get through the Master Cleanse.

Good luck and be well!!!

Celebrities Love The Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet

Why are so many celebrities using the Master Cleanse Diet to look and feel great?

To put it simply, it works! This health system, which was created decades ago, involves drinking a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper several times a day.

There has recently been a lot of buzz about this simple, yet powerful diet method. This is probably due to its popularity with Hollywood actors and actresses who have been using the Master Cleanse, or something very similar, to get in shape quickly.

beyonce and the master cleanse diet


The beautiful superstar Beyonce used it to get in shape for her starring role in the movie Dreamgirls. She loves the fact that not only is it a great detoxifier, but it’s an effective, fast way to shed pounds.

Gwyneth Paltrow is another famous actress who has tried the Master Cleanse and found it worked very well for her. She also has her own cleansing doctor who helps her create a variety of cleansing diets.

The long-suffering sidekick of Howard Stern’s radio show, Robin Quivers, used this fasting system on 3 seperate occasions in 2004 and incredibly went from 218 pounds to 145!

Even Briney Spears has transformed her life with the help of similar clon cleansing methods because she claims they make her feel more energetic, lose weight, and improve her complexion.

Why Would Anyone Choose The Master Cleanse Diet With All The diets out there?

the master cleanse diet

Master The Master Cleanse Diet

Reason #1 is as I said before…it works! There are thousands of devoted users around the world who can testify to the near miraculous results of this detox cleanse diet. They provide the living testimonials of its effectiveness.

The second reason is the speed at which it works. Other diet fads and wellness systems can take weeks or months to see results, but users of the Master Cleanse typically only spend 10 days on the diet.

When you only need this short period of time to see remarkable results, it’s much easier to find the will power necessary to complete it.

Conversely, if a program needs several months of your devotion to begin working, peope often lose their enthusiasm and are more likely to quit.

Flushing Out The Toxins

lose weight with te master cleanse dietEven though the main reason most people try the Master Cleanse Diet is to lose weight, it is generally designed to flush out your system.

With the poor diets many of us consume today, processed foods, and pollution all around us, we need to flush the buildup of toxins out of our bodies every once and awhile. This will help us to look and feel better, and to maintain a better standard of health in our lives.

However, there is much more to it than just drinking a lemonade mixure for 10 days. There are many problems people face that cause them to fail when they attempt this powerful diet system. In my next post I will discuss this in more detail.

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Why Detoxicating Your Body Is Vital To Good Health

Detoxicating Your Body

There is so much in the news today about unhealthy air quality and the many negative effects our diets have on our bodies in this fast-paced, move-forward life society that we live in.

There often just isn’t enough time to take proper care of these magnificent body machines we all have been given.

That’s why I want to share a few ideas on the subject of detoxicating your body and why today, more than ever, it can be a vital means to good health and well-being.

Hope you enjoy and gain something from this brief article:)

Optimal Health

Our bodies cannot function in optimal health when we consistently consume meals, snacks, and drinks that are difficult to metabolize and digest.

All of our internal energy is being used to deal with unhealthy blood sugar levels and other stresses on our Unhealthy Eating Habitssystem from these bad habits.

When you decide to do a detoxification, your body gets a break from this toxic overload and is able to redirect it’s energy toward cleansing and clearing out all of the garbage you’ve been carrying around inside of you.

Suddenly your abused system has the proper nutrients and protective antioxidants that form the building blocks of a healthy body. Simply put, you fell great again!

Under Attack From Our Environment

Pollutants are all around us and it’s impossible to avoid them altogether. That’s why it can become vital to go on a detoxification diet or program in order to heal ourselves.

If you are feeling ill and you believe it is caused by toxins in your environment:

Step 1)  Remove the source immediately.

Step 2) Start choosing a more healthy diet to begin the healing process. This is how you will get better over time.

Eat Healthy!

Eat Healthy!

The Simple Solution

A detoxification plan can be very simple. There is no need to complicate things.

Start consuming fresh, wholesome foods as often as you can and remove the damaging, unhealthy choices from your diet.

This can be tasty and fun once you discover how many life-enhancing meal selections are out there.

Once the built up congestion is released, you will really begin to thrive on the extra energy and feeling of wellness you now have.

Have you ever felt overly tired, heavy, or even “swollen?” You may be a victim of toxins in the air, food, and water you drink making their way into the tissues of your body. This will take a heavy toll as the organs in your system are unable to perform normally.

Our In-House Body Cleansing Tools

The two primary filtering mechanisms all of us possess, the liver and kidneys, sometimes require a little help. There are a variety of natural products availble to do this safely and effectively.

An excellent guide to doing this simply and naturally, which I highly recommend, is Jenelle Jordan’s Basic Body Detox. The price is very reasonable and just a fraction of what you would pay going to a clinic or on many other detox programs.

I reviewed this product in a previous post, but let me just tell you quickly that not only is the guide itself jampacked with complete info on various safe, easy methods to detoxify your body in your own home, you also get 2 bonuses which are worth the small cost alone:

The first is a comprehensive report on eating the right foods, which will allow you and your family to maintain good health after you have removed the toxins from your body.

The second report explains how to incorporate organic foods into your diet in a way that is affortable and easy to implement. This will not only improve our own health and well being, it can also help the planet:) And don’t forget, both these awsome reports are absolutely free!!!


Click Here To Read What Jenelle Has To Say About Her Tremendous Guide And Bonuses, And Also Discover How To Sign Up For Another FREE Report On Colon Health!!!


I hope you enjoyed this article and found the information useful. I try to share what knowledge I can regarding this very serious subject, and even though I will be compensated for purchases made through the links on this web site, I only recommend products I have thoroughly researched or have used successfully. Enjoy!

Improving Energy Levels With Detoxification

Detoxification Can Increase Your Energy

You’ve just finished work, it’s a beautiful day and the sun is shining…but all you want to do is lay on the couch.  It’s morning, the alarm clock is going off…but you hit the snooze button again and again. Even though you’ve gotten plenty of sleep you just can’t seem to get out of bed. Do these statements sound familiar to you?


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It could just be that excessive toxins built up in your system have something to do with it. That could be why many people energyreport getting a huge boost in their energy levels after going through a detox program.

Toxins and waste that accumulate in the body, primarily the colon, can be removed through a process called body detoxification. Some people also refer to it as colon cleansing.

Because these toxins and waste have built up over time, a positive side effect  is a feeling of being lighter after they are removed. It is quite common to lose a few pounds (and get a “spring” back in your step!) in the process. This alone can contribute to the increase in energy reported by many after taking a detox program or product.

When your intestines are filled with toxins they will need to work harder to move matter through at a proper rate, causing the digestive system to feel stressed. With the proper detox, these pressures will very likely be removed.

Also, your body needs to be properly fueled with vital nutrients and vitamins in order to have enough energy to enjoy your favorite daily activities. Once the toxins are gone from your system, this process of absortion becomes more effective. You will, therefore, feel healthier and be more energetic as a result.


Tune-Up Your Body Engine

A detoxification can be like a tune-up for your body, giving you the fresh start you may be needing right now. It feels great to have everything in top working order!

Be sure to check out Basic Body Detox to learn how to do it yourself safely.

This is the most complete information package I’ve found on detoxification programs you can do yourself, at home. Why not look it over? Don’t let lack of energy hold you back from any of life’s pleasures:) ENJOY!!!



Water-Based Therapies For Detoxification

Detoxification Techniques Using Water

Today, in many of our Western cultures, people are facinated with the concept of detoxification. There are a large number of resources available to cleanse the body and some even use water-based therapies to do the job. This is called hydrotherapy.


Many Benefits Of Hydrotherepy

Water has been a part of healing practice since ancient times and can be used to treat wounds, injuries, and some burns. It is a tool used in in many professions to promote physical rehabilitation and even manage stress. By utilizing hot and cold moisture for stimulation as its primary effect, hydrotherapy can decrease pain and fever, reduce swelling, lessen cramps, induce sleep, and even improve our physical and mental tone.

epsom salts

Epsom Salts

Some people use alternating baths of hot and cold water to increase blood flow to the skin. This can open the pores and increase sweating which releases toxins faster from the body. Certain substances are sometimes added to theTherapeutic Baths Are Very Relaxing water to achieve better results, such as epsom salts (these are not part of the bath salts being banned in parts of the country).

Sweat baths are a method of detoxification which assist the body in eliminating salt, drugs, and a variety of other toxins. This is typically done in a steam room or sauna (my favorite!). Sweating is a very natural method of purification which is useful for people who drink, smoke, or use other drugs. Those who are exposed to harmful chemicals or eat alot of salty foods can also benefit from this simple practice.

Try This Technique To Feel Better

Detox Your LiverOne example of a basic detoxifying  technique using the above principles, is to begin with 20 minutes of exercise followed by a cleansing shower. Then, if you have one available, take a 30 minute steam bath or sauna. After completing these steps it’s best to finish with a therapeutic massage to relax the body and release tightness in the muscles. This should leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed:)

Use caution, though, as some people become weak or dizzy after a sauna, and may even be a bit unstable on their feet. Drink plenty of water during and after this sweat-inducing treatment to continue flushing the toxins out of your body. Maintaining water intake will also prevent dehydration.

Hope you enjoy, and remember, be well to live well! Talk to you soon!!!

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Digest It!


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This is my favorite detox supplement because it’s clinically proven and really works! There are so many products out there it’s hard to decide which ones to try, But after much experimenting, I’ve been the most satisfied with Digest It.

My overall energy level has improved, I feel great, and I’ve even taken off some hard to shed pounds! There are a lot of cheaper products on the shelves of grocery markets and health food stores that claim to do what Digest It does, but I haven’t found any that compare with the results I got.

So if you’re like I was, feeling a bit “out of sorts,” lacking energy, suffering from many aches and pains you never had before, consider giving Digest It a try. It may just be the rejuvenating jump-start your body’s been needing!

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Detoxification Around The World

Expanding The Boundaries Of Health And Wellness Around The World

Detox Workshop In The Philippines

This weekend, April 2-3, the First Self-Healing and Detoxification Workshop is taking place on the beautiful island city of Cebu in th Philippines. According to the Sun Star Cebu, the workshop is being hosted by Jean Gouldbourn of the United States. She is the founder of HASH: Holistic Approach to Self Healing.

Some Backround

Jean is a Holistic Advocate and her 36-hour workshops combine the best of medical, natural, and oriental medicine. Her methods utilize non-invasive procedures which help people to achieve healing, release stress, and live life at it’s fullest. There will be an opportunity for those attending to recieve an internal cleansing and detoxifying treatment. From the Sun Star Cebu:

Holistic Healing is known to provide the means to prevent and reverse disease and to definitely free one from being dependent on maintenance medication and supplements.

HASH assures that some of the benefits people get are unimaginable–increase in energy, purifies the blood, flushes out gall stones, cleanses the liver, reduces the blockage and prevents diseases, boosts immune system, restores youthful glow and improves circulation among others-–the natural way.

Universal Message

 I think this story shows how natural body detoxing and related procedures are becoming more widespread around the world. People everywhere are beginning to realize that it is possible to recapture their health and beauty through the many techniques, practices, and treatments available to us. I am doing my part to spread the word and tell others, as well.

If you’d like to read the whole story here is the link: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/feature/2011/03/30/first-self-healing-and-detoxification-workshop-cebu-set-weekend-147584

Take care and BE WELL!

detox your liver

Spring Cleaning:When It’s Time To Detox Your Inner House

Detox Your Body To Feel Clean And Refreshed


We all like to clean our homes on a regular basis, getting all of the open areas and high traffic paths throughout our living space. But around this time of year, with Spring Clean Your Body!spring in the air, many of us get the energy and inspiration to do a complete job. We pull out the sofa, move the recliner, slide the cabinets away from the wall…and we are often amazed at how much dirt and grime has built up during the previous winter or year.

Our body is very similar. It maintains a balance of building, repairing, breaking down, and then eliminating. This process has been very effective during our lives, but as society evolves these normal functions of our body sometimes become less thorough due to advances in technology and other factors. This is the beginning of toxic overload and waste buildup.

How Do You Toxify Your Body?

Let’s face it, most of us are probably functioning below optimal health levels. As a result of a constantly changing environment there are more toxins in the air, water, and soil today than in ancient times, yet our bodies still operate on basically the same level. This will eventually cause a toxic overload, as we are being poisoned at a rate our bodies can’t handle.

We are also guilty of exposing ourselves to various other toxins daily with habits such as overeating, consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and sometimes just by taking synthetic drugs. As a result, we unknowingly effect our well-being negatively. Many of us also eat processed foods or foods that are unnaturally fermented, and all of us breathe in auto exhaust fumes along with various cleaning products that add to the decline of our health. Now, more than ever, it has become necessary to “spring clean” our inner selves with a detox.

Get Rid Of Your Inner “Clutter”

Spring Clean Your Body

At the point when the body becomes over-burdened with these toxins and wastes, it will seek to rid itself by pushing them into the bloodstream. At this time you may begin to suffer from headaches, diarrhea, or depression, along with a variety of other symptoms. You may feel tired and sluggish, have back or joint pain, or you may even experience skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, or eczema.

Signs And Symptoms

Some other signs that suggest you may need a body detox are: you catch colds easily, you are having digestive problems, your ability to stay focused and concentrate is lacking, you experience abnormal mood changes, sinus congestion, irritability, recurring respiratory problems, as well as food sensitivities and allergies. If you are having several of the above conditions, it might be time to take action.

A complete and successful detox takes time, and if you are able to, you should consult with a doctor before embarking on this course. There are also many techniques and products you can try at home such as special detox diets and herbal supplements, along with many other ideas. You should first educate yourself on this subject as best you can and proceed with caution and common sense. Once again, I suggest you check out Jenelle Jordyn’s book Basic Body Detox. It’s helped me alot and is what inspired me to start this site.

Click Here To Begin Your Inner Self Cleaning With Detox 

It is possible to regain your health, vigor, and vitality, along with a more glowing and radiant appearance. I wish you the best, and as always…BE WELL:)

[Video] Demo Of Detox Breathing Exercise

How To Do Kapalabhati

Hello Again!

In my last post I talked about an ancient breathing exercise that, like a “cup of coffee,” provides a quick burst of energy and also detoxes and cleanses the body. It expels toxins and other wastes by forcing one to focus on exhaling completely and rapidly. Kapalabhati is not for everyone, and if you would like to try it, please read my entire article on the practice again, especially the caution paragraph at the end.

Although I went into detail describing how to do kapalabhati, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I found this great video demonstrating the technique that I wanted to share with those who are interested in trying this abdominal breathing exercise. Sandy is a yoga instructor, and she gives very clear and easy to understand directions, complimenting my written instructions.

It’s Easy! Try It For Yourself!

I use kapalabhati often for a boost of energy during the day, and the detox and cleansing effects are a pleasant bonus. It is just one of many ways to rid your body of harmful toxins and waste, and the cool thing is, we only need to breathe to do it! We all do that everyday anyway:)

Enloy and be well!