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Detox Workshop In The Philippines

This weekend, April 2-3, the First Self-Healing and Detoxification Workshop is taking place on the beautiful island city of Cebu in th Philippines. According to the Sun Star Cebu, the workshop is being hosted by Jean Gouldbourn of the United States. She is the founder of HASH: Holistic Approach to Self Healing.

Some Backround

Jean is a Holistic Advocate and her 36-hour workshops combine the best of medical, natural, and oriental medicine. Her methods utilize non-invasive procedures which help people to achieve healing, release stress, and live life at it’s fullest. There will be an opportunity for those attending to recieve an internal cleansing and detoxifying treatment. From the Sun Star Cebu:

Holistic Healing is known to provide the means to prevent and reverse disease and to definitely free one from being dependent on maintenance medication and supplements.

HASH assures that some of the benefits people get are unimaginable–increase in energy, purifies the blood, flushes out gall stones, cleanses the liver, reduces the blockage and prevents diseases, boosts immune system, restores youthful glow and improves circulation among others-–the natural way.

Universal Message

 I think this story shows how natural body detoxing and related procedures are becoming more widespread around the world. People everywhere are beginning to realize that it is possible to recapture their health and beauty through the many techniques, practices, and treatments available to us. I am doing my part to spread the word and tell others, as well.

If you’d like to read the whole story here is the link:

Take care and BE WELL!

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